Die Fleas

(I may have had a teeny tiny flea infestation in my home last fall…)

 You awful fleas, how dare you bother me.
I hate the scornful way you jump and bite,
You invade my home and won’t let me be.
Leave at once or you’ll be facing the light. 
 Understand, I hate you so much you flea.
If you don’t leave I’ll kill you with glee.
How much do I hate you? Well you see,
You’ve overstayed your welcome so I plea.
 I hate your attitude, body and legs.
Thinking of the pain fills most of my days.
Nowhere is safe. I can’t sleep without plagues.
But I’ll tell you the truth, you’re out of plays.
 Now I must tell you with a heavy heart,
You’re about to be gone. Dead.