I found you

In the city where luck fakes abundance

where drinks are spilled,

And love prevails.


In a bin you sat amid others,

Of blues and yellows and greens.

Half my size with a purple horn and glittery feet,

I pulled you free of your plastic prison.


I begged and cried

And asked and whined.

Dad said I didn’t need another toy,

But mom only smiled.


“Name him Cesar,”

She said as she paid the clerk.

The building around us glittered in gold,

With a Gondola ride in the center.


Though Cesar’s palace we rode,

Gliding through the water below us.

I held you tight to my chest,

And imagined our future together.


Wandering through the next decade

We’d go through many escapades

Of magical castles

And evil wizards.


I’d take you everywhere,

To Canada, and Europe.

To Costa Rica,

And we’d ride through the deserts of Arizona.


One day our innocence and imagination,

Would get us into an unfortunate problem.

From years of playing,

You’d be pushed too far.


As you’d start to fray,

I’d scream and cry.

I’d do what I could,

And stitch you up.


With a new scar on your side,

It would be a constant reminder.

You are mine.

I am yours.


You’re my Cesar,

Forever in my heart.

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