Ice-Cream Holiday

A day at the beach like no other. Cassidy and Charlie spent their time building towering sandcastles as the scorching sun blanketed them it’s hot rays. What better a way to cool off than to get ice-cream at Khor Brothers? Cassidy, the older of the two sisters, is in the lead chomping down on her vanilla and orange swirl soft-serve in a yellow cone. She smiles in her knowing victory, pausing long enough for the sticky ice-cream to drip onto her fourth of July themed dolphin swim suit.

Meanwhile with the help of Grandma, Charlie a blonde little two year old, struggles to eat her orange and vanilla soft serve. As the orange sticky liquid drips over her pink plaid shorts, Grandma takes evasive action, grabbing a handful of napkins in order to avoid a larger sticky mess. She gasps in surprise as the mess continues with no end in sight. “Oh Charlie honey,” She exclaims with a laugh.

As others walked by with their sunbleached hair, and oversized sunglasses, they glance at the young children and smile. Their dogs on their anchor themed leashes tug to get to the ice-cream on the cement. It’s busy in Bethany. Tonight there will be fireworks. Everyone’s happy. What a fun Ice-cream Holiday.

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